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CancerQuest, developed at Emory University, is devoted to giving patients and their families a tool to learn practical, scientific knowledge about cancer. CancerQuest is designed to each people the biology of cancer in a clear, concise manner.

Gregg Orloff, PhD, a senior lecturer in the Biology Department at Emory, developed the idea for CancerQuest during a family member’s experience with breast cancer. The realization of the need for easy-to-understand information led to the creation of CancerQuest. The site is part of an ongoing project involving numerous Emory students and the Academic Technology group in Emory’s Information Technology Division.

While not clinical in nature, CancerQuest provides a detailed overview of how cells work and what happens during the development and spread of cancer. Topics include cell structure, cell division, cancer genetics, tumor biology, and cancer detection.

Cancer treatments, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are also described in text and graphics. The site is updated regularly, and detailed illustrations accompany the text.

ANNOUNCEMENT – CancerQuest is now available in Spanish. To view the Spanish version, go to the web address above and click on the top of the home page.


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