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Cancer in Georgia & The United States

Cancer in Georgia

The Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry (GCCR), which collects detailed data on all cancer cases diagnosed among Georgia residents, is a statewide population-based cancer registry.

Cancer Information collected by GCCR since January 1, 1995 furthers our understanding of cancer and is used to develop strategies and policies for prevention, control, and treatment.

This statewide data allows health researchers to analyze such differences as:

  1. Race
  2. Cancer Site
  3. Gender
  4. Cancer Stage
  5. Age
  6. Geographic Location

This information provides clues that point to risk factors and help determine where early detection, education, and specific programs should be directed.

GCCR data is public information available at no charge. It is currently accessible at or on a CD-Rom that can be requested from GCCR directly at 404-657-1943.

Additional data from 1975 forward for the 5 metropolitan Atlanta counties of Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett is available through the National Cancer Institute’s SEER Program ( administered by the Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics at Emory University .

Cancer In The United States

GCCR data for Georgia is also published as part of several national reports, including:

  1. The American Cancer Society’s Facts and Figures and the South Atlantic Facts and Figures   This information is tailored to American Cancer Society (ACS) planners seeking to achieve ACS goals in their community. The South Atlantic report categorizes cancer by type, region and ethnicity. National ACS cancer data is available at
  2. The United States Cancer Statistics Incidence and Mortality, published by the CDC/NPCR . The emphasis of this report is on statistics, incidence and mortality by years, since 1999.
  3. Cancer Control PLANET  This site is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, the Center for Disease Control, The Commission on Cancer, The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Its purpose is to provide guidance in the establishment of comprehensive cancer control programs.
  4. The North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR), using CINA+ Online or through the Cancer In North America (CINA) Publications. This is a source of national data dating back to 1995.

GCCR is a participant in the National Program for Cancer Registries (NPCR) that was established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1992 through the Federal Cancer Registry Amendment Act (Public Law 102-515). NPCR provides funding and guidance for the development of cancer registries throughout the United States. GCCR is also a member of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR), a professional society that was established in 1987. NAACCR provides ongoing development of cancer registries and the establishment of registry standards.



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